RiverTides was launched in 2002 as a project of the International Center for Integrative Studies (ICIS).  ICIS was founded in 1962 by Erling A. Thunberg to help address the challenges and concerns of many scholars, practitioners, and scientists at the end of the 1950s regarding the future. These concerns included the recognition that tremendous changes were taking place at an accelerating rate in the world – in technology, values and culture, and that there was a need for more integrative approaches across cultures and disciplines to our ways of thinking and our professional practices. The work of ICIS was dedicated to healing the fragmentations of modern life.

In 2014, the headquarters of ICIS in NYC was closed after 52 years of operations and RiverTides became the successor organization.  In addition to its other activities, RiverTides participates as an NGO affiliated to the United Nations through the Department of Public Information (DPI).  It’s work in the Mid-Hudson Valley continues the integrative orientation of ICIS with a focus on education, community conversations and nonprofit services.