Nonprofit Services

RiverTides offers a range of consulting and educational services to nonprofit organizations engaged in the challenges and opportunities of these times. We have worked with organizations in a variety of fields including adult education, professional training, aging, youth services and youth development, and interfaith education and cooperation.

RiverTides’ nonprofit support programs and services are built on an understanding of the skills, commitments and perseverance required to create effective organizations and to manage transformational change successfully. We have extensive experience in the nonprofit sector in executive management; in concept, program and organization development; in strategic planning, and in organization partnerships.

These are the primary areas of our work:

Navigating Times of Change

  • Strategic thinking and road maps for organization growth and direction
  • Organization and community development
  • Board, staff, and volunteer development
  • Retreat planning
  • Needs assessment (research and data analysis)
  • Policy development (recommendations for program and policy initiatives)
  • Integrative program design
  • Strategic alliances (feasibility, formation)

Incubator Project

RiverTides’ Incubator Project provides start-up assistance to individuals and groups seeking to establish new 501(c)3 organizations. Support ranges from guidance through the initial planning phase to establishment as a fully operating nonprofit organization.

Focus of Services

  • Articulation of values, development of mission and scope of activities
  • Design and implementation of organization structure
  • Guidance through legal and fiscal compliance
  • Strategies for board and staff development
  • Review of best practices
  • Development of planning grants and fund raising strategies

Previous Clients

Support Service and Incubator Project clients have included:

  • Rockefeller Financial Services
  • The New York Open Center
  • Ulstercorps
  • Dutchess County Interfaith Council
  • The Threefold Foundation
  • The World Affairs Council of the Mid-Hudson Valley
  • Imagine Program
  • CANHELP Sweden
  • The Whidbey Institute
  • Green Meadow School
  • High Tor Alliance
  • Narrowridge Foundation
  • Global Education Associates
  • The Plymouth Institute
  • The Forge Institute